Energy Medicine: Transitioning today’s current medical practices – An approach towards self healing

Faculty: Dr. Joseph Marra DNP

Course description: Coming Soon! Energy Medicine is a course that prepares the student to understand and master the fundamentals of energy healing, and includes development of practical skills in energy healing.


Class 1 Introduction into the realm of energy healing

Defining Humanity

Class 2 The mind body

Class 3 The physical body

Class 4 The spirit body

Class 5 The emotional body

Class 6 The energy body

Class 7 Consciousness

Class 8 Understanding the known universe


Class 9 Unlocking your highest potential

Class 10 Creating personal meditations

Becoming a Healer

Class 11 Raising your vibratory frequency

Class 12 Learning to heal yourself and others

(Hands on/off healing, Distance healing) Interactive


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