Exobiology – The Science of Universal Life

Title of Course: “Exobiology – The Science of Universal Life”

Faculty: William Brown, PhD

Course description: Coming Soon!

“From the macro to the nano – a study linking the cosmological with the nanobiological – the extraterrestrial with the terrestrial.”

Series 1 – The living Universal Matrix

Class 1 – The Living Universe

Is life an epiphenomenon of matter? Under this scientific model, what is the likelihood that life would arise spontaneously in other places of the Universe? Conversely, in this lecture scientific evidence is presented that shows the ubiquitous nature of life in the Universe – that living biological systems arise from living processes within a living Universe.

  • Considering the time-line for biological evolution by considering the complexity of nanobiological machines (the ribosome, the DNA polymerase) as compared to present evolutionary theory.
  • Panspermia and Directed Panspermia – a presentation of scientific models for extraterrestrial derived originesis of life on Earth and other celestial bodies.
  • The Design Matrix – a theory developed by Mike Gene. This topic will consider the implications of intelligent design inherent in the genetic evolutionary history of organisms on Earth. This will set up the discussion for Lecture 2.

Class 2 – Exobiology of the Human Genome

In this lecture evidence is presented describing the engineered genetic elements of the human genome that are of extraterrestrial origin.

  • Introduction of mobile genetic elements (transposons) – how they operate within the genome and why they are important to understanding extraterrestrial genetic engineering.
  • Human specific exobiological genetic elements – the Alu retrotransposon, the BC200 human brain specific mobile genetic element, and the SVA element.

Class 3 – Continuation of the exploration of Human Exobiology

Presentation of the role of exobiological genetic elements – exploring the theory presented by Mike Gene in the Design Matrix and that of the Science of Universal Life.

  • Exploring the implications of extraterrestrial genetic engineering.

Class 4 – Hidden Structures of the Brain

In this lecture we will explore the specialized regions within the brain where exobiological genetic elements are active and how they mobilize to remodel the human genome for increased quantum sensitivity and harmonic resonance.

  • Transduction of high frequency electromagnetic energy from the meninges to the aqueous matrix of the ventricular system – Pineal gland activation and Alu element mobilization.
  • Implications for activation of latent genes within the non-coding region of the human genome (the 98% that has the misnomer of “junk” DNA).

Lecture 5 – Quantum Cellular Biology (QCB)

Following from Lecture 4 we will explore the possibility of Alu mobilization for the incorporation of latent gene products into quantum mechanical complexes in the neuronal synapse and intercellular communication networking matrix. This system increases human perception and awareness for nonlocal communication and tel-empathic interconnections – similar to those existing in many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

  • Incorporation of activated dormant gene products into nanobiological quantum complexes within the neuronal synapse and intercellular matrix.
  • Tissue remodeling from activated cells for increased sensitivities and perceptual awareness.

Class 6 – The physical Light Body

Building on Lecture 5 we will explore the quantum magneto-electrodynamics of the intracellular matrix of the connective tissue network and how that activates the light encoded strand of the human nuclear DNA polymer.

  • The role of the heart in producing the light encoded strand of the DNA
  • The electromagnetic and quantum communications network of the microtubules and extracellular matrix (biophoton emission and transduction).


Series 2 – The Biophysics of Consciousness

Consciousness is fundamental to living systems, even the “simplest” of organisms, such as viruses (which aren’t even considered living by many biologists) show amazingly intelligent and complex behaviors. For example, many viruses and fungi can infect the central nervous system of a host species and completely direct the behaviors and activities of the “higher” organism, humans being included among the potential host species of “mind controlling” viruses. As was already elucidated in Lecture 1, all physical processes within the Universe can be considered as living processes, and since consciousness is fundamental to living systems, it is logical to model consciousness as a fundamental field underlying all physical processes within the Universe.

Class 7 – The Fractal Holographic, Synergetic Universe

A presentation of Harmenian Unified Physics to describe the structure and underlying spacetime dynamics of physical systems, from the cosmological to the nanobiological.

Class 8 – The Nonlocal Unified Field of Consciousness

An exploration of the primacy of consciousness in physical and biological phenomena. The nature of the Unified Field as the nonlocal field of consciousness. How consciousness is transduced through the living biological system and how the living biological system transduces information back to the nonlocal Field of Consciousness.

Class 9 – Mitochondria

The ultimate receivers and transducers of nonlocal consciousness, mitochondria are subcellular organelles within virtually every cell of the body. We will explore the nanobiological processes inherent in these structures and how they transmit and receive information on a cosmological scale.

Class 10 – Linking to the Cosmic Adam Kadmon

With high frequency electromagnetic activation of primal latent genes through Alu element mobilization it is possible that novel neurotransmitter peptides are synthesized. Here it will be presented how, given this possibility, the novel neuro-active signaling peptides have a greater structural similarity with cosmic structures of the morphogenetic field, producing magnetic harmonic resonance with the cosmic mind (hence linking to the Cosmic Adam Kadmon).

Class 11 – A Discussion of Human – Extraterrestrial Interactions

The fact that extraterrestrial civilizations are interacting with our terrestrial civilization, and have been since the inception of humanity, is undeniable when investigated openly and without bias. In this lecture we will explore the nature of the interaction with Extraterrestrial civilizations and how this will continue to develop and expand. Topics that will be discussed is how given the information presented in the Science of Universal Life we can better achieve direct and open contact with benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations.

Class 12 – Synopsis

A comprehensive review and introspection of the topics presented in the Exobiology course, demonstrating how they are all interrelated in a unified description of Life, Consciousness, and the Universe.


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